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Our story

In a land where the sun danced upon cerulean waves, there existed a constellation of islands—the jewels of Croatia. Each island had its own secret, its own melody carried by the wind. And so, our journey begins. Dear traveler, set sail on your vessel. Let the wind carry you, and may the islands sing their ballads. For in Croatia’s embrace, you’ll find not just islands but fragments of eternity—a dream, a poet’s muse, and a lover’s refuge.


What our happy clients say

4.8 stars from 163 reviews

unforgettable week, we rented a catamaran with a captain who showed us beautiful places


Croatia is a discovery for us, a very safe country, the prices are correct, the food is Mediterranean and the sea is crystal clear, see you next summer Admiral.

mike & petra

we sailed on an incredible sea, beautiful, simple, to be desired, we are jealous that we don’t live here. the skipper arranged everything for us, we didn’t wait anywhere, the food was incredible….

Anna & Frenk 


Frequently asked questions


–        To participate in the tour you will need beginner to medium level of fitness as it includes sailing and hiking, both activities that require stamina and strength.

–        However, there is no requirement for previous experience or knowledge of sailing and/or hiking, as we provide skilled skippers and guides to offer support. Additionally, you can adjust the intensity and the duration of the activity to fit your ability and wishes.


–        For sailing and hiking you will require the following equipment:

o   Sailing: bathing suit, towel, sunscreen, sun glasses, a hat, windbreaker, sport shoes, waterproof bag, ID, health card (applicable as per nationality)

o   Hiking: hiking shoes, hiking pants, a shirt, a jacket, a hat, gloves, walking sticks, backpack, water bottle, energy bars, first aid kit, ID, health card (applicable as per nationality)

–        Safety and health are ensure in the following ways:

o   Before starting the tour, the participants will be given detailed information and instructions about the tour, and the list of required equipment and documentation.

o   At the beginning of each activity, the participants will be given safety instructions and a demonstration by the skippers and hiking guides, and during the activity the professionals will be available for advice and help.

o   Our skippers and hiking guides are experienced and licensed professionals with required skills and knowledge to ensure the safety of all participants.

o   Our sailboat or catamaran is equipped with all necessary navigation equipment, safety kit, and first aid kit, all of which are routinely checked and maintained.

o   Our tour is ensured by the insurance company which covers all of the possible risks of the tour.

–        Accommodation and food conditions are the following:

o   Accommodation is provided in the sailboat or a catamaran which fits 8-12 people, depending on the specific boat. Each cabin includes a separate bathroom and air conditioning also you have description of equipment for each boat that you book it.. Common areas include the open deck, kitchen, and the closed deck.

  • Breakfast and lunch are prepared on the boat by the host lady if you are order it, and we ensure diverse and delicious food based on local ingredients. If you have not ordered a hostess, you prepare the food by yourself and you have to leave the kitchen clean and tidy.

 Dinner is free time so you are welcome to try out various restaurants on the islands which offer traditional Dalmatian cuisine.

–        Our tour is environmentally friendly and sustainable as we follow the following principles:

o   We use renewable energy sources like wind and the sun to power the boats and charge our equipment.

o   We decrease the amount of water and fuel spent by making sure we are conscious on usage.

o   We collect trash throughout the trip and recycle at the end of our tour.

o   We do not throw anything in the sea or on the islands, we bring our trash back to the boat and recycle.

o   We do not damage or interfere with nature or wildlife, instead – we observe and enjoy the views with respect and awe.

–        You can learn about the local culture and tradition in the following ways:

o   Visiting numerous historical and cultural attractions like forts, cathedrals, monasteries, and museums.

o   Participating in the local folklore events which keep ancient traditions alive.

o   Trying local wine and food like almond dessert, goat cheese, etc., and exploring the tastes and smells of the islands you visit.

o   Talking to locals which can tell you interesting stories and legends about the islands and towns, and which can share handy tips and recommendations about their home.

–        The additional expenses and activities are the following:

o   Expenses: food for a breakfast, lunch and dinner and drinks that we buy it together in supermarket according to your wishes, tickets to some of the attractions, accommodation tourist tax.

  • Activities: scuba diving, snorkeling, fishing, kayak, bicycle, SUP, windsurfing, parasailing, zip-line, quad, buggy…
  • Skippers meals
  • Extra activities
  • Club entrances
  • Alcohol and eating out
  • Transfers
  • Security deposit (For full yacht bookings): 

–        Reservation can be made on our website, by e-mail, or via phone. Upon making the reservation you will be given all the necessary information and instructions.

–        Payments can be made via bank transfer, credit card, or cash, based on the conditions and deadlines which will be sent to you upon making a reservation.

–        Split can be reached in various ways, depending on the time of your arrival and the best option for you. Split is well-connected to other cities by air, roads, railways, and sea.

–        You can fly to the Split airport which is 25km away from the city center, and then use the bus, taxi, or rent-a-car.

–        Split bus station, train station, and harbour are conveniently condensed in one location, all next to each other. Depending on your preferences, you can take a car, bus, train, or boat to Split, and you will end up in the right spot.

        Split offers various accommodation options, from hostels, hotels, apartments, rooms, camps, and private accommodation. Accommodation can be made online or can be searched for on the spot. We recommend making reservations beforehand, particularly in the summer months when the city becomes a popular destination for many tourists.

–        You can contact our agency, skippers, and hiking guides by:

o   Sending an email to, and we will reply as soon as possible.

o   You can call +385 91 5257 103 captain Franz and he will provide all the necessary information and advice.

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