Sailing and hiking – start from Split

Do you want to experience an unforgettable adventure at sea?

Join us on our unique tour, which combines sailing around Dalmatia’s most beautiful islands.

Each route may be subject to change due to weather condition or other influences, so your skipper will inform you about this.

The tour starts in Split where you will board the sailboat or catamaran and sail towards the first destination –

  • the island of Solta. Solta is a peaceful and green island, full of beautiful coves and picturesque villages. You will have the chance to visit fort Martinis Marchi which dates back to the 18th century, while enjoying the view of Maslinica cove.

You will also have the opportunity to hand pick olives and try local homemade olive oil.

  • The next day we will continue the tour towards the island of Hvar, famous for its rich history, cultural heritage, and sunny weather. Hvar offers many attractions like fort Fortica, Saint Stephen’s cathedral, Franciscan monastery, and Arsenal – the oldest theater in Europe. On Hvar if you like to hike the highest island peak – St. Nicholas (628m elevation or 1h). The summit offers a spectacular view of the entire island and neighbouring islands.
  • On the third day, we will arrive at Brac island, the largest island in Dalmatia and home to famous Zlatni Rat – one of the most beautiful beaches in the world. Brac is famous for its stone carving heritage and the white Brac stone, which was used for building Diocletian’s palace in Split and The White House in Washington. On Brac, for hiking we recommend to visit Vidova Gora, the highest peak of any Dalmatian island (778m elevation). The view from the top showcases amazing views of Zlatni Rat, Hvar and Vis.
  • On the fourth day we will arrive at Vis, the furthest island from the mainland and the most secretive island in Dalmatia. Island Vis was closed to the public until 1989 given it was used as a military base for the Yugoslavian army. Because of this, the island has been able to maintain its authenticity and untouched nature. Vis is also the location where the famous ‘Mamma Mia: Here we go again’ movie was filmed. On Vis, for hikers we like Hum, the second highest peak of the island, at 587m elevation, and enjoy the stunning view of the city Vis, Bisevo island and the Blue Cave.
  • On the fifth day we continue our adventure to Lastovo, the greenest and least populated island in Dalmatia. Lastovo’s nature was protected in 2006 due to its rich flora and fauna, clean sea, and clear night sky. Lastovo is famous for its architecture – stone houses with distinctive chimneys. On Lastovo, you will hike to Plesivica, the highest peak of the island with 417m elevation, and enjoy the stunning view of two smaller islands – Lastovnjaci and Palagruza.
  • On the sixth day we arrive at our final destination – Korcula, the sixth largest island in Croatia and the birth place of the globally known explorer Marco Polo. korcula is full of historical and cultural attractions such as the old town, St. Marco’s cathedral, bishop’s palace, and Marco Polo museum. The island is also famous for its folklore events like the medieval games Moreska and Kumpanija. The Korcula hiking lovers will be go to Kom, the highest peak of the island at 510m elevation, and will include a spectacular view of the city Korcula, Mljet island and Peljesac peninsula.
  • On the last day we return to Split where we end our tour and say goodbye to the new friends we made along the way. Our tour is the ideal choice for anyone who enjoys both the sea and the mountains, it is a tour you will remember for the rest of your life!